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Superior Lenders Inc. has quality car title loans in Tampa to help you when you need it most. If unexpected expenses have caught you short or your regular monthly bills are just too high to handle, a Tampa title loans may be the perfect way to help you make ends meet. We’re here to help Tampa area residents get the funds they need when they need them. Here’s some information you can use to see if Superior Lenders can provide you with a car title loan that is the right solution to your financial problems.


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What is a title loan?

A title loan is a secured loan that allows borrowers to use their car, truck or motorcycle as collateral for loan repayment. When a title loan is secured, the owner of the vehicle agrees to allow the lender to put a lien on their car title.


Once the loan repayment is made in full, the lender removes the lien and returns the keys and car title to the owner. If the car’s owner defaults on the loan, the lender is able to legally repossess the vehicle and sell it to cover the borrower’s outstanding debt.

Possibilities and Uses

Title loans in Tampa are typically used as short term loans to help people cover unexpected expenses or higher than usual monthly bills. Title loans are a quick, easy way to get the cash you need without the hassles that most banks and other types of lenders require.


Make the process of getting money for your title quick, easy and painless.

How it’s Done

3 Easy Steps

Once you input all the necessary information, you will be given a free title loan estimate. Next, one of the friendly loan representatives from Superior Lenders, Inc. will contact you as soon as possible to talk about your application, title loan estimate, and to finalize your application and approval.

Why It’s Better

Consider the following

  • Approval rates are higher than other types of loans
  • No proof of income needed
  • You can still use your car while the loan is out
  • You only need a clean title

How You Benefit

In case something goes wrong

Borrowers must be notified of an impending repossession and may elect to turn in the car rather than have a repossession agent collect it. Borrowers must be given an opportunity to get all personal items out of the car and they can get their car back if they repay the car title loan and the expenses associated with the repossession of the vehicle.