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Everything You Need to Know About Title Loans in Spring Hill

Title loans are loans that are given against your car title. They are also referred to as bad credit loans. This is derived from the fact that a bad credit rating is not taken into consideration when applying for one. Title loans are banned in several states across the United States. However, Florida is one of the states that lets people apply for title loans.

If you would like to apply for title loans in Spring Hill then you don’t have to worry about going through a rigorous application process.

Applying for Spring Hill Title Loans

The application process for a Tampa title loan is easy. All you need to do is to visit our website. Here you will find an application form where you can get a quote. This quote depends on a number of factors such as the age of your car (or the date of manufacture), the mileage it has on it and the physical condition of the car. Inspection of the car is usually done at our physical offices.

Requirements for Spring Hill Title Loans

There are a few requirements when applying for a title loan. The main requirement is that your car has a title which has no lien attached to it. This means that no other loan should be linked to your car.

If you bought the car on loan and have not finished repaying the loan, you are not eligible for title loans in Spring Hill. The car must be lien-free.

Other requirements for the application process include your identification document and the car’s original title. We also require proof of income such as pay slip or bank statements so that we can verify you have an income source form which we will deduct monthly payments.

If all of this is set then you can proceed to the Platinum Lending website for your free quote. After you get a quote, feel free to visit an office location near you to start the official application process. It is at this point that we will need the original documents listed above.

What if I don’t have my Original Title

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) can give you a duplicate title loan under certain conditions. First of all, you must complete the relevant application. You are then required to give proof of identity and disclose any lien holder information if applicable.

There is a title fee of $72.25 if the car was previously registered in Florida. New vehicles and out-of-state vehicles will cost $79.75 and $85.25 respectively. After payment, the documents are to be sent to the Florida DHSMV. Adding a lien to a title costs $74.25.

Once the process is complete motorists can wait for up to a month before getting their new title. One can also change the name on their title through a similar process.

The Florida Title Loan Act

Title loans in Spring Hill Florida are regulated by the Florida Title Loan Act. States that allow car title loans have strict laws governing them to protect consumers. This means that you don’t have to worry about being exploited by us or anyone for that matter. The Act serves several purposes. The main one is to cap interest rates. It also prevents loan companies from repossessing your car in case you default. Some lending companies have been known to repossess your car only a day after you default. Lastly, the Act provides for early repayment and partial payments.

If you’re interested in getting title loans in Spring Hill, Florida area, visit our website to get a quote of how much you can get.

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